Blanche Morin House offers safe, free, professional and confidential services to abused women and their children.

Reception and shelter

Reception and accommodation services for women and their children, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our house offers:

  • Housing for eight persons
  • Single or family rooms
  • Specialised individual and group intervention sessions

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Specialised individual or group intervention

During their stay, women can discuss their problems individually, in complete confidentiality, with a counsellor. Group meetings are also offered to give participants the opportunity to respectfully exchange ideas and break the isolation.

Mother-child intervention

Building a relationship of trust with children exposed to conjugal violence requires listening and respect. Our counsellors help women maintain and consolidate the relationship with their children during their stay. They can also continue the process they started after their stay in the house by receiving external follow-up.

External consultation

Individual meetings
We offer an intervention service outside the resource to all women who feel the need. If you are experiencing conjugal violence and wish to talk about it, if you need to be listened to and supported, we are here for you.

Group meetings
To break the isolation and create a network of mutual aid and solidarity, group meetings can be initiated with women who have been sheltered or with other women in the community.

Information and coaching

If you have witnessed a situation of conjugal violence and do not know what to do or if you would like to obtain information on the steps to take regarding conjugal violence, contact us. We can provide support or direct you to the appropriate resources.

Advocacy and education in the community

Involved in our community, we regularly participate in various outreach activities in schools and with organisations and partners. Our agency is present on various committees and tables in the MRC du Rocher-Percé as well as on the regional and provincial scene.